Social Enterprises & Social Businesses

Through our offices in Dubai, London and New York, TSIC has experience of working with an array of the world’s top social enterprises and social businesses. From affordable housing in Mexico, to cross-community sourcing programmes in the Middle East and our own project to enhance social mobility in the UK based on a sustainable business model, we have successfully built our experience in incubating and scaling social enterprises and social businesses.

Our services include:

  • Expansion Strategy: Through a mixed team of business planning and fundraising experts alongside experienced corporate finance, marketing and management consultancy professionals, we provide social enterprises with in-depth market research, planning, and analysis to determine the most attractive avenues for growth.
  • Impact Assessment: Social impact is often difficult to quantify and assess, making communications with key stakeholders seem a daunting task. We work with social enterprises to identify where they make the biggest impact. We then develop clear reporting metrics that convey their social value creation. Please visit our page on Impact Assessment to find out more.
  • Fundraising and Investment Readiness: TSIC has helped organisations get to the point where they can target grants and awards, social investment and commercial investment. We help organisations understand why they aren’t getting the resource investment they feel they deserve, and to make the changes and build the relationships necessary to get them there.

For examples of our work with social enterprises and social businesses, browse our case studies on the right. To learn more about our services for social enterprises and social businesses, contact Jake Hayman on

Image by Flickr user Steve-h