Campbell’s is Just Peachy

Not for the first time is TSIC’s blog devoted to corporate philanthropy at Campbell’s. Campbell’s latest socially responsible product ‘Just Peachy’ draws on the company’s expertise and successes from their ‘Nourish’ meal-in-a-can product innovation in support of the World Food Programme. Just Peachy Salsa is made in partnership with New Jersey farmers in the US and has made use of 850,000 pounds of otherwise unsellable peaches—deemed unsuitable for sale because of their size or minor blemishes—saving farmers the cost of waste disposal, reducing food waste, and providing a steady revenue stream for the New Jersey Food Bank.

What Campbell’s have done so well is understanding the opportunity to harness an unused surplus and their own product development expertise for social good. Campbell’s provide the salsa recipe, donated jars and additional ingredients, as well as donating their production facilities. Campbell’s employees have the opportunity to donate their time to can and label the salsa, although ‘Campbell’s’ does not appear anywhere on the Just Peachy branding. The financial benefits for the peach farmers involved are impressive—it is estimated that farmers donating their unused crops to Just Peachy are saving around $100,000 USD in disposal costs, while all profits generated from the sale of the salsa are being donated to the New Jersey Food Bank. It is clearly an excellent solution for all involved, and with big US retail players such as Walmart and ShopRite expressing interest in stocking Just Peachy things are looking good for Campbell’s latest venture.

To learn more about Just Peachy and the Food Bank of South Jersey, visit:

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