COVID-19 Knowledge Resources

With our research and evaluation expertise, we are offering two sets of free knowledge resources. This is also based on our belief that more evidence-based and equitable responses can help minimise the harm of this crisis, and a systemic lens can help us create a better future.

1) COVID-19 Briefing for philanthropists

The purpose of this briefing is to help philanthropists understand precisely where they can have the biggest impact in COVID-19 pandemic and make evidence-based funding decisions during this challenging time. We have published a free sample report for the UK, find here.

Please let us know if you find value in this, and we can refresh this report upon request. More in-depth investigations into an impact area or region can also be conducted as required.

2) COVID-19 Impact Database on vulnerable groups

This interactive database consolidates the evidence currently scattered across many sources, to bring a holistic picture on how COVID-19 is affecting vulnerable groups across the world. We hope that the emerging evidence base can generate some actionable insights, so that equity and inclusion will become integral to COVID-19 responses. Read more about our rationale in the blog here.