What We Do

TSIC works with ambitious organisations and changemakers. Those that want to break silos, embrace the unknown and are keen to create systemic change in their markets. We work in a collaborative and dynamic way, helping our clients to think differently, and perform to their greatest potential. In order to create the deepest social investment, we enable our clients to hear the voices and consider the opinions of those that can shape the impact and investment that they make.
Our business is focused on 3 pillars:

Words from our clients…

The work TSIC did was invaluable. It gave Mada an independent profitability analysis as well as areas of focus. It provided the foundation upon which an informed decision could be made. Our experience with TSIC was very positive as I believe the work TSIC undertook was of high-quality and met Mada’s expectations. I will certainly recommend TSIC to others.

Kent Nicholls
Head of Strategy and PMO Manager, Mada (Qatar Assistive Technology Centre)

There are few organisations that have such a deep understanding of social impact measurement. Through our Good Kitchen programme, Bonnie and her team engagingly and meticulously guided five social businesses through how to measure the difference they were making and why it was important. With a heap of relevant case studies, well-prepared workshops and follow-on activities, it’s fair to say that it fundamentally changed how we thought about and conducted social impact measurement.

Joseph Gridley
Former CEO, KellyDeli Foundation

Through taking part in The Charities Intrapreneurship Programme, we have gained confidence around generating and putting forward ideas, an understanding of the wider market place, and an understanding of how to go about feasibility studies and client research. We also gained lots of great feedback and ideas.

Samantha Dodd
Senior Programme Manager, Inspire!

Over the past 10 years, we asked our clients how we performed. Here is a summarised snapshot.


We work with organisations to understand, achieve and maximise their objectives and outcomes. Drawing on our breadth of experience and foresight, we look at social investment to energise and leverage for your organisation’s best advantage.


  • Impact assessment and evaluation

  • Corporate impact advisory

  • Business model adaptation and social enterprise development

  • Social investment strategy

  • Growth strategy

  • Investment readiness and enterprise support

  • Revenue diversification

  • Digital and technology for transformation

  • Navigate gender and diversity capabilities


We provide practical solutions for organisations that want to be part of a wider movement for change.

Non-profit Organisations & Social Enterprises

Our Unlock methodology helps organisations utilise their assets and strengths in order to drive commercial revenue. 

With funding from Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, we have created an initial prototype for a web platform which can be accessed here:


We are currently scoping interest from organisations to fully develop the platform.

Working with SPRING Accelerator, we have also produced a web-based Investor Toolkit with a focus on girls and young women. Visit it here.


Our Fuse approach helps businesses utilise their assets and strengths in order to drive deep social impact. Get started by downloading the toolkit.

We build bespoke consultancy and advisory based on these solutions, and provide quality training workshops. Ideas on solutions that you need? Get in touch.

Insights and Collaboration

We deliver high quality, in-depth research to mobilise action-orientated approaches, insights and collaboration, to drive social change. We deliver through first-hand experiences, professional and academic expertise.

Our reports draw on quantitative and qualitative methodologies to help organisations shape their understanding of complex issues, communicate findings to their stakeholders, and engage with policy debates.

Examples of insights report:

  • The City of London Corporation to scope potential new sources of capital for the UK social investment market. Read more here.

  • Minority Supplier Development UK to identify ways to promote inclusive procurement, launched in House of Lords in October 2014 and received nationwide coverage. Read more here.

  • SPRING Accelerator to produce a comprehensive report on investing with a focus on girls and young women in emerging markets, and on specific needs, challenges and opportunities in five sectors. Read more here.

Examples of collaboration:

We are actively working to improve diversity and inclusion among impact investors. As a firm that very much prides ourselves on embracing diversity in terms of age, race, ethnicity, class, religion, gender, sexuality or disability, we work to ensure that these systems of discrimination are not perpetuated among capital and wealth holders. The two initiatives we are currently convening are:

(1) Diversity Forum

Diversity Forum gathers over 50 social investment firms and 100 individuals across the social investment sector in the UK, to drive inclusive social investment – through the convening of Diversity Working Group, Diversity Champions, commissioning of research and knowledge sharing.

(2) Women in Social Finance

A network of 120 senior female professionals working in social finance, dedicated to increasing visibility of female leadership, providing peer support and training for career advancement, and influencing the agenda on gender lens investing.


We are dedicated to creating systems change through working with our clients and engaging in sector initiatives, but we also incubate our own projects. We are currently incubating two projects:

They are working to build technology products to model complex humanitarian engagement in conflict zones, and simplify the process of collecting large-scale community feedback. TSIC is incubating the project through: building its business plan and fundraising, engaging with humanitarian stakeholders including local responders, funders and international agencies, and building the methodology and data model. Humanity Data launched in April 2019 and is funded by Humanitarian Grand Challenge.

If you are interested to find out more please contact bonnie@tsiconsultancy.com


They are working to create the first digital marketplace for businesses to buy and sell products and services that can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A key focus will be to increase the engagement of Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in achieving the SDGs.

If you are interested to find out more please contact fabienne@tsiconsultancy.com

If you have a project that you would like to pitch to us to receive our incubation support, please e-mail aureliane@tsiconsultancy.com.