How businesses can become social innovators, not off-setters

We are excited to announce the release today of TSIC’s latest report, ‘TSIC Fuse: The Future of Business.’

The report comes on the back of polling we have recently commissioned with YouGov Stone into senior business leaders’ perspectives on the relative effectiveness of using core business to deliver social change as compared with giving cash to charity.  The results are overwhelming – with over 90% of UK senior business leaders stating they believe businesses using their core strengths would be more or as effective in creating social change as giving cash to charity.

Yet while aspirations in this direction are clearly high, we too often meet businesses both failing to act on their aspirations and to meet their social potential. Only 2/3 of the senior business leaders we polled who stated they believed businesses should be contributing to social change through applying their core assets also indicated they were currently focusing on using their business’ resources in this manner.

Furthermore, our own experience working in this space has shown us that many businesses that are currently running their own programmes are too often doing it without the insight of learned experts and practicioners from the charity sector, and as such are failing to meet both their social and commercial opportunities through becoming social innovators.

To address the challenges in this space, TSIC Fuse introduces the first, open-source methodology to help businesses identify their unique opportunities to contribute through leveraging their core business towards social change.  Based in our belief that businesses must merge their organisational expertise with community expertise to understand where they can make the greatest contribution, our approach helps businesses understand the issues alongside their talents.  It then enables businesses to take the lead in deciding how to creatively apply their resources and inviting charities and cross-sector organisations to contribute as partners – rather than waiting for such partners to ask businesses to help.

TSIC Fuse is featured today in Fast Company, Third Sector magazine and on The Guardian.

We hope you enjoy reading the report, and are keen to hear your thoughts!

Read the full Fast Company article here:

Read the Guardian article here:

Read the Third Sector article here:

Download the TSIC Fuse report here:


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