Launching TSIC Ghana

In July 2019, The Social Investment Consultancy (TSIC) gained a new addition to the team: Sarah-Jane Danchie. Sarah-Jane is the Associate Director for our work in Africa, and she is working hard to establish the new TSIC Ghana operation. We asked her a few questions about her background and her role at TSIC.

Sarah Jane (left) with our summer intern, Gordon Tsui, and Bonnie, our MD.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

“My background is in economics. I specialized in emerging economies at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), which is a part of the University of London, UK. My work experience began on a global scale with the Commonwealth, looking at international trade, investment and economic development. In the last decade, I have been working in and on African countries. I have been undertaking varied research and advisory for governments, businesses and international organisations operating in Africa. I have been involved in sectors such as the mining, oil and gas, agriculture and infrastructure. In these sectors, I have been working on policy analysis, strategy design, business and industry environment analysis, impact measurement, public and private sector policy design and implementation.”

Why did you choose to work with The Social Investment Consultancy?

“TSIC’s focus on social impact and its approach encompass all the elements that I’m most passionate about. Investment in people and human centered development is a critical component for sustainability. TSIC’s approach involves developing strategy through collaboration and it recognises the importance of partnerships, diversity and inclusion, especially of the most vulnerable and voiceless. I was also attracted by TSIC’s diverse experience in social investment – working with companies and philanthropy.   For me, what also resonates is TSIC’s people, its networks and cross-sectoral expertise. TSIC’s operations are also wide reaching as they are based in the West, East (Asia) and increasingly in the South (Africa), this is unique and critical to ensure that the global conversation on social impact and sustainability is truly balanced. Throughout my career, I have always enjoyed learning and imparting lessons from all parts of the world.”

What will the new Ghana Chapter hope to achieve?

“With the Ghana chapter, we will increase TSIC’s work across African countries and ensure that the diverse perspectives in Africa are reflected in TSIC’s work. The work in Ghana will focus largely on ensuring that big business’s social investment initiatives empower youth (young boys and young girls) and women, which make up 2/3 of the population. Therefore, any investment on the continent must involve some level of investment in youth and women for the sake of sustainability. TSIC in Ghana will also support SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) to recognise and understand the importance of their social impact, especially if they want to increase their operations across Africa and to be included in international global supply chains. We will also be helping big businesses and international organisations support local SMEs to build their capacity for the safety and security of supply chains and markets and in the interest of national, local and community development.”

We can’t wait to see what the new TSIC Ghana chapter will achieve!

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