Marmalade Event in Oxford

JOIN US on April 7th in Oxford as we host a session on The Impact of Diversity in Social Investment at Marmalade, the fringe event for the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship.

Attendees can expect an inspiring and thought provoking day with a group of fun and passionate thinkers. We provide the space to role play and prototype–you bring your wildest solutions to the challenge of diversity!

You can register for our free event here

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This year’s world forum is themed Fault Lines: Creating Common Ground. We will gather to address what we see as an absence of common ground between decision makers in social investment and the aims of the field. Join us as we create a space for reflection and action in our informal, dynamic, free and open-access fringe event at Marmalade.

If social innovation is meant to meet the growing and diverse needs of society, shouldn’t our decision makers reflect that diversity as well? During our interactive session, we’ll seek to find the common ground between the decision-making structures of social investment, and the creativity of the sector’s outputs.

Participants will join us for the day as we spend time thinking critically, role playing and prototyping possible actions we can take to address a few of the following questions:

  • How do our identities affect us? What unconscious bias might they lead us to?
  • Why is diversity important in social investment?
  • Why is it a problem in social investment?
  • How does this misalignment affect social investment and what are ways that we can transform the diversity of investor teams in field of social innovation?
  • What can we do to address unconscious bias? What changes would we like to see in the sector?

Read more about our research into Diversity in Social Investment on our website.

See you in Oxford!

The TSIC Team

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