New research report published – The Role of Technology in Charities Innovation

We are delighted to release our latest in-house report “The Role of Technology in Charity Innovation”, which looks at the role of technology in facilitating charities’ innovation, particularly in terms of income generation. The report draws on the findings of the feasibility study for a new digital tool we’re developing called Ideas4Good, which seeks to do exactly that – make innovation easier (and cheaper) for charities, as well as encouraging collaboration within organisations and beyond.

We’d like to thank all the charities who kindly gave up their time to help us with this research, providing invaluable insights in a frank and clear way. We look forward to seeing where this will lead!

Thanks especially to our funder, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, for making the research and prototype happen.

We hope you find it an interesting read, and as this forms part of an ongoing process, we’d welcome any feedback you have.

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