TSIC-authored report on new sources of capital for social investment

TSIC are excited to announce the release today of a report we’ve authored in association with London Economics on potential new pools of capital for the UK social investment market. The report was commissioned by The Social Investment Research Council and can be downloaded from the City of London Corporation website on the link below:


As part of the research we conducted in-depth interviews with over 30 of the country’s leading institutional investors and their investment advisers, and what we heard from them was hugely interesting. Some of the key findings the report picks up include the need to think about the social investment market as a spectrum, offering a range of investment opportunities which will appeal to different investors. At each ‘end’ of the market are two different types of opportunity – higher-risk investment opportunities to support innovation and early-stage enterprises estimated at circa £500m over the next five years, and at the other ‘end’ a more established opportunity for investments in less risky social industries with track records estimated at circa £5bn.

We greatly enjoyed working on the report, and hope it will bring greater clarity to how investors currently understand the social investment market and what can be done to develop it further.

Nick Hurd, Minister for Civil Society, had the following to say about the report:

‘This report shows that there are big opportunities for new investors to enter the social investment market and highlights the ways in which many are already doing so. The social investment market is an important and growing one and the Government is committed to helping to build on the UK’s position as world leaders in this field.’

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