TSIC Fuse Elements launches

We are delighted to announce the launch of TSIC Fuse Elements, our original methodology to help businesses create shared value, integrating profit with purpose into their business strategy.

In 2012, we launched TSIC Fuse, a pioneering methodology to help businesses to define core business strengths and opportunities, around which meaningful partnerships and social change platforms can be built and delivered. Since then, the UN has announced the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030, which specify the unique and important contribution businesses can make in tackling our planet’s biggest problems; from eradicating poverty, to fighting inequality in all its forms. We were thrilled to see international multi-lateral organisations speaking our language, acknowledging the need to involve the full range of stakeholders (governments and businesses, alongside NGOs) in order to maximise social impact. Such ambitious goals requires equally ambitious vision for cross-sector collaboration.

Over the years, using the Fuse methodology, we’ve helped many clients play their part in this global call to action, by mapping core business assets with community needs to develop platforms for change that disrupt traditional thinking and create shared value. Together with our clients, we have created platforms and partnerships that are meaningful to the community, transformative to the business and authentic to customers.

What’s different about TSIC Fuse Elements?

The landscape has changed since 2012, much for the better. Now it is far more commonplace to hear of ‘social-purpose businesses’ and charities generating their own revenue through business ventures. What were once two entirely distinct sectors are now beginning to see the benefits of each other’s approaches, and are starting to replicate them. Many leading businesses have been pro-active in investing in expertise and resources to tackle social issues in their communities, and may not need to apply the full TSIC Fuse approach from beginning to end. Enter TSIC Fuse Elements…

Derived from the original Fuse methodology, TSIC Fuse Elements is a collection of tools that can be tailored to fit the specific circumstances of businesses that have already embarked on their journey of social change. Through Fuse Elements, we aim to provide businesses with the expertise and confidence to deliver stakeholder value – for their consumers, employees, investors and the communities at large.

Elements offers two streams of work:

  • Through the ‘Create‘ stream we work with clients to develop a flagship social change platform that speaks uniquely to the strengths of the business, and which is delivered through inclusive partnerships that span across charities, social enterprises, policy makers and other private donors in the space.
  • Through the ‘Amplify‘ stream, we help clients to shake up existing programmes, identifying their core strengths and the ways in which these can be amplified to take advantage of business and community opportunities, creating truly sustained social value.

We look forward to the next phase of our work helping clients rethink their approaches to delivering social impact, whilst embedding sustainable business models.

For more information about these methodologies, and to read about previous relevant client work, please see the following brochure: TSIC Fuse Elements – April 2018. And of course, we’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you think by giving the office a call on 0208 004 6429, or drop us an email.



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