TSIC’s Charities Intrapreneurship Programme: First Year in Review

In 2018, TSIC launched our unique facilitated consultancy training course, the Charities Intrapreneurship Programme. Designed to support charities and social enterprises through our Charities Unlocked methodology towards income diversification solutions, the programme brought together eleven organisations from across the UK, all interested in how they could develop new traded income streams.

Over six morning sessions across four months, participants were trained and supported through our own methodologies and approaches as a consultancy, allowing each organisation not only to identify and build new ideas for traded income, but also develop their internal capacity to make the ideas a success.

“The Charities Intrapreneurship Programme has given us new, different ways for our organisation to generate income. I didn’t necessarily know what to expect from the course, but was pleasantly surprised, not just about the idea generation, but also the guidance to make these into tangible business models.” 

Annie Rousen, Development Manager, Young Hammersmith and Fulham Foundation

The first half of the programme focuses on organisational asset auditing and commercial market scoping, allowing organisations to explore key new opportunities for income generation, as well as expanding on existing ideas.

For the second half, the programme then explores how organisations can develop these ideas and make them into a reality, including conducting feasibility studies, market research, competitor analysis and business planning. By the end of the course, all participants felt their organisation would now be attempting alternative revenue generation as a result of the programme, and all of them felt their organisations were now more able to develop revenue generation opportunities.

“The Charities Intrapreneurship Programme gave us great tools and processes to work through our income diversification ideas, and it has helped me work out what’s right for our future development. It’s a really great course, and I have recommended it to others.” 

Saskia Daggett, Director of Programmes, Sheila McKechnie Foundation

If you are interested in our Charities Intrapreneurship Programme or other training opportunities, please contact Bonnie Chiu.  

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