Our Commitments

Sustainability, Climate Change and Just Transition

“Urgent climate action is needed from all sectors of society to secure a sustainable future for our planet.” – B Corp Climate Collective, June 2022

As a UK founding B Corp, we are committed to the wider B Corp movement’s vision towards climate action and justice. Our sustainability commitments are as follows:

  • Limiting our environmental footprint as a company: We are a Carbonfree® Partner, a commitment for us to reduce and offset our carbon footprint.

We also implement the following practices:

  • Working remotely and digitally. Our staff have the option to work remotely, limiting commute; and we work digitally, limiting paper waste.
  • Selecting suppliers based on environmental sustainability. This is part of our suppliers’ selection criteria. For instance, suppliers are required to share an Environmental and/or Sustainability Policy, which is considered in the selection process.
Who we work with

One of our main suppliers is the co-working space that we rent (Impact Hub King’s Cross). One of Impact Hub’s key environmental commitments is to become the first CO2 neutral coworking community by 2025 and to be “green” in their operations.

  • Supporting clients towards just, equitable climate action. We do this through two influence pathways:
    • Ensuring accountability of our clients. One of the central tenets of the B Corp Climate Collective’s work is, given the prevalence of greenwashing, “To ensure companies are being held accountable for their commitments.” Utilising TSIC’s expertise on impact measurement, we support our clients in evaluating the effectiveness of their climate change programmes, so that they can be held accountable for these commitments and to learn from how to improve on their impact.
    • Supporting clients in just transition. Within climate action, “just transition” – how we can achieve a low-carbon, net-zero world while not leaving the most marginalised behind – is an urgent agenda. With our expertise on diversity, equity and inclusion, we also support our clients in acting on the just transition agenda, especially through our franchises in Ghana and India.
What we have done

OVO Foundation is the charitable arm of OVO Energy. Their vision is for all children and young people to have equitable access to a sustainable future, to better align OVO Foundation with OVO’s sustainability strategy on getting to net zero. They first commissioned TSIC to support them to set up impact measurement and management frameworks including Theories of Change for their programmes and an overarching Theory of Change for the foundation. Upon successful completion of that, OVO Foundation has commissioned TSIC to conduct a Social Return on Investment (SROI) study of their flagship programmes. The report has been assured by Social Value International, the creator of the SROI methodology.  TSIC has also jointly published a blog with the client to reflect on the learnings from the process.

Read about our learnings from place-based climate action

What we think

We think that there is not enough urgency in tackling climate change, among companies and foundations. See our Managing Director’s Forbes blog about this.

We think that there is an important nexus between gender and climate finance, that is under-resourced. See our article published by the ODI about this.

We think that B Corps community is doing amazing work on climate action – we get inspired especially by

E Co. is a London-based consultancy firm dedicated to designing low-carbon, climate-resilient projects and programmes for clients. Their work has mobilised over USD $1 billion of climate finance from global climate funds.


Did you know 44% of bread is never eaten? Toast Ale brews planet-saving beer with surplus fresh bread. All profits go to charities fixing the food system.


Contrary to popular belief, renewable energy does not always mean that it is clean or carbon-neutral. Squeaky Energy provides 100% clean electricity from UK wind, solar, and hydro generators for corporations and businesses.

What we do
B-Corp Impact Report 

As a UK founding B Corp we honour our commitment to transparency around social and environmental impact created by our business. Our latest B-Corp Impact report outlines TSIC’s practices, initiatives, and measurable impacts. This level of transparency showcases the company’s commitment to being accountable for its actions. TSIC-B-Corp-Statement-2023